Mohamed Naim NAJAR

Professional experience and training

Date :  from February 12nd 2010 to today.
Name and addresses of the employer : Qatar project management
Main activity  : Project management
Occupation  :  Senior IT support engineer

Activities and responsibilities :  network administrator, hardware maintenance, support 90 users, software maintenance, network monitoring, data storage and backups, network management.

Date :  from August 13th 2006 to February 12nd 2010.
Name and addresses of the employer : GeoloG Surface Logging
Main activity :  Surface logging (Tunisia, Algeria, Black sea, Congo)
Occupation : Senior Data engineer

Activities and responsibilities : Drilling parameters control, geological surveillance, logs elaboration, gas monitoring, reservoir evaluation,
 Overpressure detection, data engineering, network management,unit managing.

Date :  from December 24th 2005 to August 12th, 2006   
Name and addresses of the employer : GeoloG Surface Logging
Main activity : Surface logging : (Tunisia, Algeria)
Occupation : Mudlogger

Activities and responsibilities :  geological surveillance, sampling, monitoring.

Date :  from Mars 1st to June 30, 2005
Name and addresses of the employer  : FORACO, Radès, north of Tunisia
Main activity : Drilling and geotechnics            
Occupation : Trainee 

Activities and responsibilities :  Geotechnical tests and drilling supervising  

Date : from July 05 th to August 05th, 2004         
Name and addresses of the employer : EXXON MOBIL, Radès (north of Tunisia)
Main activity : Lubricants manufacturing                        
Occupation  : Trainee

Activities and responsibilities :  Quality control service

Date  : From July 1st to July 31st, 2003  
Name and adresses of the employer : Régie des sondages hydrauliques (RSH)
Main activity : Drilling
Occupation :Trainee

Activities and responsibilities : Following the drilling of an hydraulic well in the khlédia locality (Ben Arous in north of Tunisia)